who is nirlom

Who is Nirlom ?

Nirlom is a software consultancy company, focusing on polished, opportune delivery and cost-viable IT outsourcing services.
We practice exclusively in decoding multiform business defiances through cognitive thinking and information technology.
Our team consists of industrious designers, developers, visual artist, tactician , web marketers, analysts and advisors. Our team is very well experienced in multiple domains like e-commerce, travel, telecommunication, finance, staffing solutions etc.
We focus to build simple, fast and reliable web apps at the best price.
Everything that details us is our appetite to leave a footprint in the software community.

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why nirlom

Why Nirlom ?

Nirlom offers blue-sky design atelier, digital strategy, mobile & web development and digital marketing.
We create imposing user experiences across web and mobile platforms.
At Nirlom we help to model, advance ,display and evaluate, web and mobile scoop that glee customers.
We are living in a digital world where most of the consumers look out for products online before searching them up offline, therefore if you lack online presence, Nirlom is there to assist you and build an online presence for your business.
Our team of engineers help you build perfect web application/website for your business and our digital marketing team help you drive traffic on your website through strategic marketing technique.
Instead of plunging in the queue of insecurity and uncertainty, choose to be your own Boss with us.

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Meet the Team

The people who work at Nirlom are bound by a passion for pragmatic problem-solving. We find simple solutions for complicated problems.

Mahipat Jadav
Mahipat Jadav
Full Stack Developer
Nikunj Thacker
Nikunj Thacker
UI Engineer
Meen Dave
Meen Dave
HR Business Partner
Anupama Dutt
Anupama Dutt
Digital Marketing Expert


We helped oodles of clients to build websites, desktop and mobile applications and made their life easier with our well tailored solutions.
With our engineering and marketing efforts, our clients are getting more business from different channel, also their user base grown up drastically.
And why not, we know that a happy and satisfied customer ensures our success, a long-term engagement, and a key to generating more business!

Happy Clients

Nirlom strongly agree that “Consumers are crowned head”. We grow when our client grow, so we make sure they are happy with what we build for them!