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Digital Solutions from Nirlom can always satisfy your business requirements. Our constant research on technologies can provide unbound growth to your business. We use correct technology, content, guidelines, strategic methods and subtle norms so that your business perform better for long term amongst the customers.

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Nirlom Services List
Static Website Development
Nirlom website solutions meets your requirement and help you to create web pages, which performs well on any device, we uses latest technologies like Javascript, ReactJS, GatsbyJS, GraphQL for UI Development, Bootstrap, Material UI, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD for designing, Webpack, Git & other tools which help in building efficient web solution.
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Dynamic Website Development
We develop web platforms which is faster, efficient and better management of customers data. We use technologies like NodeJS, GraphQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Netlify, AWS, Git, Circle/Travis CI. Making user experience easy, customisable and efficient by using best technology stack.
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Progressive Web Apps
Progressive web apps solutions from Nirlom can help your business to reach more customers through the fast, responsive, reliable and user friendly interfaces. Modern browser like chrome supports PWA in Mobile & Desktop so we ensure that it behaves like a native application and run in any network condition without fail.
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Electron / Desktop Apps
We use end to end javascript stack as our team is experts in javascript. We pledge to provide the best possible solution, hence we use electron framework to build desktop apps, which is more reliable and fast. In work of web we sometimes need desktop apps for our team.
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Digital Marketing (Ads And Seo)
Nirlom forever works for the overall gains of your business, We do constant research on social media platform and search engine to provide unbound growth to business. our marketing efforts are definitely going to create brand recognition and awareness, We use strategic methods for Social media marketing, search engine optimisation(SEO) and Online advertisement, So that our efforts contribute a lot to your business.
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